Our Service Lines

Effective, safe, and efficient solutions

From small to large-scale jobs, Jewel can serve in a variety of roles for downhole applications. Our list of qualified experts serve the client first by finding cost-effective solutions that provide the greatest impact.

Coil Tubing

Efficiently servicing wells

Frac assist, annular fracing, sleeve shifting
Remedial and cased hole drilling/milling services
Hydraulic and mechanical wellbore clean outs
Acid and solvent stimulation
Packer, plug, downhole tool deployment
Fishing Services
Pipeline clean out and fishing
Memory tool logging

Pumping Services

Cutting-edge technology and high performance

Jewel designs and supplies acid/solvent packages for all applications.
We offer pumping services up to 103 MPa and include:

Well stimulation
Injector/disposal clean outs and treatments
Pipeline clean outs
Plug pump downs
Pressure testing
Step rate/injectivity testing


Increases efficiency, minimize safety concerns

N2 can be a valuable tool and can offer an array of advantages to increase production.
Jewel’s mobile nitrogen pump trucks can be utilized in the following applications:

Pressure testing
Clean outs
Gas lift
Burst discs
Tubing, wellbore, pipeline displacements

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