Performance and reliability meets the highest standards

Using the latest equipment and technology Jewel offers a competitive advantage in their primary focus of Western Canada. Our goal is to ensure all our clients can rest easy knowing Jewel’s units are on site.

Coil Tubing

Power and accuracy

Our coil tubing units range from 38.1 – 60.3 mm, with depth capabilities of up to 7000 m.

Pressure Pumping

Custom-tailored technology, reliable performance, and expertise will help drive value to your wellsites.

Jewel’s equipment was made to be put under pressure. That’s why we offer single, twin, and C&A pumping services to 103 MPa.


Cold pumping power

Low rate, 70 MPa N2 units, and bulkers comprise our nitrogen and fluid pumping fleet. Built with the latest technology, we improve job safety and reduce time lost from costly errors.

Connect With Us

Experience, advice, solutions: Jewel Energy Services Inc. will examine your project, develop a solution, provide a quote and execute as planned.