Jewel's coil tubing technologies can help your operations, improve production, and optimize your economics.



Custom-tailored technology, reliable performance, and expertise will help drive value to your wellsites.



Safe and effective N2 solutions brought directly to your wellsite.

Engineering & Planning

Achieving your goals

We are dedicated to bringing projects from concept to completion with highly-trained industry professionals. Confidence is key. Our units leave the yard once we have the right data and a plan to execute safely.


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Our Equipment

Performance and reliability

From coil tubing, nitrogen, to pressure pumping, Jewel is equipped with the right equipment tailored to the job. Our units can handle all the rigurous challenges Western Canada can bring.

Our approach to engineering, planning, and equipment selection are our keys to success.

Who We Are

Advance your career.

Dedication, expertise, with health and safety are our pillars. With generous compensation packages and an emphasis on employee development, Jewel’s employee-first focus aims to bring success to your career.

What We Do

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Connect With Us

Experience, advice, solutions: Jewel Energy Services Inc. will examine your project, develop a solution, provide a quote and execute as planned.